Pay It For Her’s primary goal is to pay forward the power of small kindnesses to provide encouragement and momentum, yet we also want to be a source of support for women who have an urgent need. You can donate to the organization as a whole (meaning we will place your donation where it is most needed), or you can designate if you would like your donation to serve either our Small Kindnesses Fund or Emergency Fund.

Starbucks gift card

I was with my son at Starbucks, answering his many (many) questions, and we bought our drinks and sat down. A woman approached me and handed me a gift card. With tears in her eyes, she told me she wanted to thank me for being such a good mom, saying that she had had a difficult year and was just so happy to see someone being kind to a child. The gift card was a blue “Thank You” gift card for $10, and I kept it for a long time. I was so touched. I don’t always feel like the best mom, and I am not always as patient as I was that day. But her kindness has stayed with me and reminds me that “good mom” is part of my story.

Kelly’s story inspires us, showing how small kindnesses can make a meaningful impact.

Small Kindnesses Fund

You don’t have to change the world to make a difference in a woman’s world. It means a lot to know a community of supporters are wishing you well and believe you are deserving of a respite from what’s weighing on you. This is our signature fund, and supports sending personalized greeting cards, flowers, gift cards, and other minor comforts to women who are struggling.

Eligible recipients have applied for themselves, or loved ones have applied on their behalf. Determination of support provided is based upon stated need/requests, evaluation of rationale provided by applicant, and availability of funds. Small kindnesses will typically be funded at amounts ranging from $5-50.

Make her smile

Emergency Fund

We are a very small organization, and this fund is extremely limited. Please note that unfortunately, we are not able to fund the majority of requests. Please read carefully to determine if your situation is a good fit. Even though we may not be able to help you through this fund, please connect through our Small Kindnesses Fund if you would benefit from a boost of non-monetary encouragement.

Our Emergency Fund provides for urgent services for women, such as a legal consultation, help accessing medical or mental health services in the event of crisis, or help with temporary lodging on a one-time crisis basis. This fund is intended to help women for whom affording such time-sensitive services is a financial hardship, and for whom there is a safety concern in using their own means to provide for such resources.

Eligible recipients will be contacted after an application is received on their behalf. Determination of support provided is based on documented demonstration of need applicable to this fund and availability of funds. You should be prepared to supply documentation of needs. Funds will be provided directly to the business rendering service, not to individuals. The emergency fund is intended to support small to moderately costly urgent needs relating to safety and basic well-being.

Lift her spirits

Are you struggling? Do you know a woman who is?

We exist to help. Don’t be afraid to reach out and tell us you need help, or reach out for a friend. All of us have had moments where we could have used a morale boost or a helping hand along the way.

Apply for yourself now or apply for a loved one.

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