Have you ever been the  recipient of an act of kindness that has made a difference for you–large or small–during a trying time? If you’ve benefited from such support…

Are you inspired to pay it forward?

Pay It For Her is an organization of donors who have witnessed first-hand the struggles that can, at times, threaten to overwhelm women who are trying to make the most of themselves.

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We're building a community.

In our separate corners of the world, we don’t personally hear every worthy story, but when we come together under a shared mission we can do great things for many deserving women–even if it’s just helping her know we’ve got her on our hearts and minds.

We believe that when communities of supporters mobilize, small kindnesses can power great potential. We want to serve women who are struggling to keep treading water by providing words of encouragement and gestures that won’t magically solve everything for them, but will help to keep them afloat. If you’ve ever been there, you know what a difference that can make!

Why Donate to Pay It for Her?

For many donors, there’s the fear with giving to a personal fundraiser that the money won’t be used for the stated purpose or there could be a scam artist at work. They also may question what happens in cases where the funds raised surpass the goal amount–where does the additional money go? There is greater comfort for donors in giving to a cause that has been vetted by the federal government.

Pay It For Her is an officially recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, meaning all proceeds will support our mission and our expenditures will be subject to IRS oversight.

And, unlike the specific goals of personal fundraisers, there is no upper limit to what we can raise.

We also offer anonymity between women in need and donors. We assess the level of need we can meet on a case-by-case basis and make provisions for the use of funds to ensure they are used as intended, without sharing the woman’s personal information.

The more money we raise, the more women in need we can help!


We want to make a difference in women’s worlds!

By keeping our mission and aims acutely focused, we can keep the pathway of funds from donor to recipient simple–so you don’t have to worry about your donation being spent on the amount of (wo)manpower and overhead that larger organizations with broader aims and services require. The larger the scope of people served, the more red tape and more time that stands in the way of meeting a need. Pay It For Her wants to provide help right now.

Any amount of support is greatly appreciated.


a handmade card offering encouragement


a gift card for lunch or a movie


handmade cards for 5 women


a bouquet of flowers


a self-care service (e.g., salon or spa)


a legal consultation

Ready to get involved?

Small Kindnesses Fund

This fund supports sending personalized greeting cards, flowers, gift cards, and other minor comforts to women who are struggling.


Emergency Fund

This fund provides for urgent services for women, such as a legal consultation, help accessing health services, or assistance with temporary lodging.



Do you know a woman who is struggling? If she could use a little morale boost or something more, let her know we’re here to help or apply on her behalf.