At Pay It For Her, we believe that small kindnesses power great potential.

We promote a community of care and support for women experiencing hardships by paying forward small boosts and critical needs to encourage women’s forward momentum as they power through tough times.

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Acts of kindness have a way of filling our hearts.

We’ve all heard the stories… a stranger buys a meal for another patron at a restaurant, pays for someone’s groceries, or even buys a million dollars worth of toys to give to children. Many of us have even been the recipient of such thoughtful acts, which not only brighten our day, but are a reminder of the light that exists in people–even with all the ugliness we see in the world.

They make a difference.

Sometimes these stories go a step further...

Rather than one generous benefactor and a random act of kindness, we see people coming together to offer support and raise funds for someone in need. Websites like GoFundMe have made crowdfunding for those in need easy and accessible–so long as they have the ability and inclination to create a fund, or have someone do it for them.

But what about those who lack the know-how? Or the personal network or other means of exposure? Or who–for reasons of personal preference or even personal safety–do not feel comfortable putting their hardships or needs out there for the world to see?

Pay It For Her is a place to come together to help women who are suffering silently.

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Continuously inspired by women who have persisted in spite of adversity…

even when their voices have been stifled or silenced.

Who doesn’t love the classic 90s movie The First Wives’ Club? You know you’ve always wanted to visit that headquarters and shout “girl power!” in solidarity with those women. Pay It For Her is a lot like that–except inclusive across marital status, with a broader appreciation of the struggles women go through, and we welcome donations from anyone who wants to help women out!

We know that women are regularly discriminated against in various arenas in their everyday lives: being paid less on the dollar than men, less represented in prestigious and well-paying jobs, carrying more of the burden of managing a household, and tending disproportionately to care-taking needs. For women of color, those gaps are greatest of all. We understand that a single organization can’t level those playing fields, but we also appreciate the value of knowing–when it starts to feel like too much–that people who respect and can relate to your struggle are cheering you on. Sometimes that boost in morale can work wonders.

Michelle Lange
Pay It For Her Founder Michelle Lange: Kindness Advocate. Champion for Women. Lover of Starbucks.

Meet Our Founder, Michelle!

Michelle Lange has always held a special place in her heart for women’s issues and has been an outspoken advocate for acknowledging and working to correct social gender disparities. She offers much-needed validation and support for women who are working hard to be their best selves but struggling against the current, and is inspired by the idea of spreading positivity and hope by paying forward kindnesses received. Michelle is a Clinical Psychologist who not only appreciates the value of small kindnesses, but also understands from her profession the reality that many women with urgent needs relating to their safety and well-being are suffering in silence and are in need of timely help without jumping through hoops to get it.

Inspired to help?

Yes! We stand stronger together than apart. If you feel called to support us and the women out there who need a morale boost, there’s many ways YOU can make a difference–both big and small.

Here's How

Every donation matters.