Born of an idea to make a daily difference in women's lives.

Pay It For Her is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded to promote a community of care and support for women experiencing hardships by paying forward small boosts and critical needs to encourage women’s forward momentum as they power through tough times. These struggles can threaten to overwhelm women who are trying to make the most of themselves.

We’ve created a place to come together and hold space to help women who are suffering silently.

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The power of community can transform thoughts and offer much comfort. Encourage a deserving woman to look for the light ahead instead of feeling defeated by current circumstances.

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small kindnesses include flowers

Small Kindnesses Fund

This fund supports sending personalized greeting cards, flowers, gift cards, and other minor comforts to women who are struggling.

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Emergency Fund

This fund provides for urgent services for women, such as a legal consultation, help accessing health services, or assistance with temporary lodging.

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support of a parents community

“Celeste’s” story inspires us, showing how a community coming together can make a meaningful impact.

“Last Fall, I found myself in what felt like an impossible situation. My marriage had arrived at such a toxic point that it was imperative to leave. I found myself as a single mom with a young toddler, two part-time jobs, no car, and was struggling to complete doctoral work. I was drowning. I needed a car, a place to live, and a completely fresh start. I had nothing. I decided to reach out to an online academic parents group for emotional support. What came next was astonishing. There were women who wanted to empower me–not just through words of encouragement, but also through donations. I was blown away. I get teary-eyed still when I recount this story. Because of their love and help, I was able to leave an abusive situation and start my life over completely with so much freedom.”

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If you feel called to support deserving women out there and further support the mission of our organization, donate if you can or reach out.

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